Saturday, August 27, 2011

My Bucket List

Mary and yellow Lab Persia in kayak

by Mary Andrae

Our daughter raised two Guide Dog puppies through 4-H. I was so inspired by her selfless act and desire to do something for someone else. Needless to say, the first item on my "Bucket List" after retirement was to raise a puppy.

I must say, I was not prepared for just how much I would benefit from raising a puppy. Persia has changed my life. At the grocery store, church, or anywhere we go, Persia is a magnet, drawing people to us. Although I am an introvert, with her I am thrust into the position of meeting new people, answering questions, and informing people about the wonderful work done by Guide Dogs for the Blind.

Persia and I recently completed a 50-hour caregiver class through my church. Together, we now visit an elderly widow. Persia must have been paying close attention in class because she is the most kind and loving caregiver. She brightens this lady's day, as she does with everyone she meets.

We are beginning to realize how much sweet Persia will be missed by her many friends when she returns to GDB in September, and certainly our house, our family and our hearts will feel the loss. This little yellow Lab's impact on us has been tremendous. But we know she will have even more of an impact on the lucky person whose "eyes" she will someday become.

Has raising a Guide Dog puppy had an impact on your life?


  1. That looks like Bucks Lake in Plumas Natl Forest in Calif.....but more important Persia is SO VERY cute!! We have a career change male, yellow lab now 1.5yrs old. Joey is so cute. My wife calls him kangaroo dog because when he greets one of us in the evening he literally hops like one. I just am so impressed with the concept of GDB and the wonderful work their team does. Four paws and two feet go quite well together. Enjoy today.