Saturday, September 10, 2011

Ahhh, Summer!

black Lab on pier with boats

While her human partner, Jan Robitscher is spending her summer “vacation” on a six-week long choir tour in Europe, her black Lab guide Lorelle is enjoying a vacation with her puppy raisers: Dino, Marti, Theo and Alex Madias. Lorelle is back to her old stomping grounds, going to work, attending college classes and hanging out with the other dogs. She has been going on lots of outings and recently visited AT&T park. While she was there, the Giant’s broke a five game losing streak so perhaps Lorelle needs to hang out at the park for every game!

black Lab near AT&T Park signage that reads: Home of the San Francisco Giants

Hey, it's National Guide Dog Month! Tell your favorit sports fans how much you love GDB!

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