Saturday, September 24, 2011

Smile Delivery II

Michael Weinberg, 20, above, is starting his junior year at UC Santa Barbara this fall. He and his father, Leland take their GDB career change dog Ruby to visit the patients and staff at the Spinal Injury Unit and Community Living Center at Long Beach Veterans Medical Center (LBVA) each month, bringing smiles to all they meet.

Although Ruby is over 14, she is in good health, though she walks a bit slower now. Leland writes: "When she sees people, she lifts her head, smiles, wags her tail -- we can tell she loves people. We truly believe that Ruby is blessed with longevity and good health and of course she is a blessing from GDB because she continues to serve, especially veterans in need. We hope that she will attend the JDRF Walk with Mazda in November. We always pray and hope that Ruby can continue to perform therapy visits, in particular to the veterans and the LBVA staff who have reacted in such a positive manner to Ruby’s visits."

It's National Guide Dog Month -- time to deliver some smiles by making new friends for GDB!

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  1. If you meet a dog named 'Tamale' give him a pet from us, Tamale graduated 8/2011