Monday, November 7, 2011

Keeping Up with Caleb

black Lab

Follow Caleb on his latest adventures as he takes to the air (by plane, of course) for a wonderful vacation in San Francisco. And then, he whined (not really) and dined at the Canine Heroes Wine Auction in Napa Valley -- a fundraiser that supports veterinary care for GDB dogs and pups.

Raiser Megan says, "Caleb is with us—and more specifically, me—all the time; I am his person. He will go anywhere and do anything for me. Over the last year, we’ve built an amazing bond and trust that we’ll always have no matter what his future holds. He may go weeks, months or years without seeing me but his reaction will be the same and the reunions will be joyful no matter how long we’ve been apart.

"I honestly don’t think any of my pups spend their days pining for me. All of them are with their soul mates and where they are meant to be. I am the awesome aunt who brings special presents and treats. From day one, I remind myself eventually we’ll have to say goodbye but as recent as last night I find myself tearing up at the prospect. It never gets easier, in fact, sometimes I think it gets harder with each dog."

Thank you Megan, and all of our puppy raisers, from everyone at GDB!

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