Wednesday, December 7, 2011


a black and two yellow Lab GDB puppies board a bus with their raisers while a man in a yellow vest assists
Guide Dog Puppy Raisers of Yuma, California, go for a bus ride.

Waiting for the Bus

GDB Alumna Tiffany Joliff discusses what it's like to have a Guide Dog on campus

For sixth-grader Shannon Patterson, being a GDB puppy raiser is a responsibility she takes pride in.

9-11 Canine Hero Roselle's story lives on: Care2, Maryville Daily Times

Man's Best Friend Proves an Able Teacher, Too

Puppy Praisers Club Helps Raise Service Dogs

GDB Dog Helps Disabled Students

Olympia Residents Receive Guide Dogs

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  1. You go girl. I hope my daughter can also bring her guide puppy to school in 6th grade (next year) and the years to come. We're so proud of the effort she puts into training and socializing these very special puppies. She's on her second puppy starting last week. I applaud you and all the other children puppy raisers for GDB.