Thursday, December 29, 2011

Riding that K9 Buddy Train! Part 2

Raiser Anne with Natura and cameraman
Already she's a celebrity! Before our yellow Lab K9 Buddy dog Natura left on the first leg of her journey, she decided to help us tell her tale (with wagging tail) to the world!

Raiser/driver Anne Touloukian drove in all the way from Lincoln, California, (north of Sacramento) to pick up Natura and drive her to Mountain View, California. But they stopped for a moment to talk with KTVU (FOX), and the news segment aired at noon!
Anne opens the back of her car with Natura looking on
Anne also brought Natura a surprise -- her fluffy Golden puppy Flurry -- to keep her company.

Anne shows Flurry to the cameraman
We can't wait to hear from Anne and find out what happened along the way. Look at this map of the trip...

Anne secures the crates in the back of the car


  1. Hey, I just learned that KTVU is going to broadcast again at 5 p.m. with a longer story and they'll include some of it on their website, so check out Thanks KTVU -- YOU ROCK!

  2. Hello Puppy People...First leg of the K9 Buddy Train went great. Nutura and Flurry were great traveling companions, both were asleep by the Golden Gate(which was completely fogged in) We arrived at Ursala's house at 11:10am and Ursala (who I've never met before) was the most amazingly kind and warm person...(just what you would expect from a fellow GDB volunteer) it's like we have our own language or something! After a quick little relieve I helped pack up the car and off they went. Sometimes it is hard for me when people ask "why do you do it?" (like the camera man today at GDB) because for me all I have to do is look into the eyes of these dogs, then meet people like Ursala and I realize..... I'M THE LUCKY ONE!!!!

  3. Hi Everyone - We're Natura's Puppy Raisers.....we just can't express how lucky we are to belong to an organization with Staff and Volunteers who care so much! To everyone who helped coordinate and drive the "Puppy Train" for Natura, our heartfelt Thanks. To all the Puppy Raisers and Puppy Clubs out there, we are privileged and honored to volunteer with you! Happy New Year to Everyone!, Beth and Dave Adams

  4. Hi Anne, my name is Carrie, and I met you at leader training last year. We were both admiring an older female black lab puppy named Rory while we were in the puppy kennel. I'm the puppy club leader in Modesto. Anyway, I just wanted to agree with your sentiments above and say that I too am so proud to be involved with this organization EVERY day! Also, Rory ended up in our club, and grew into a fine young lady. She should be recalled sometime in February or March for breeder eval, so look for her on the phase reports! Hope to see you again soon!