Friday, December 30, 2011

Riding That K9 Buddy Train! Part 3

One black and two yellow Labs
Carnival and Friday join Natura's Big Adventure

From Sandi Alsworth: I received an email from Jack Brey this afternoon prior to “his turn” at the relay. He was at his appointed rendezvous point early because he was too excited to wait! This was accompanied by photos both him with a big grin on his face, and a picture of his car. I had to laugh.

Jack was head over heels waiting with excitement!

From Jack: We met Ursula Grunfeld about 2:30 p.m. and gave Natura a little "out-of-car" time and a little love. We did the photos and journal then got off about 3 p.m.

Unfortunately, we ran into heavy rush hour traffic (I was probably the only one in traffic who was happy) and didn't get to Steve and Bonnie's until about 7.

I wasn't sure of their address and drove by them a couple of times while they were jumping and waving at me. We finally made the connection.

Natura was a gem and slept the whole way except for one potty and water break. Natura fit in with Steve, Bonnie, and their pups right away.

Loved the whole experience. Thank you for letting me help. Tell Zack he's got a great "Buddy" and if he takes care of her she truly will be his best friend.

Jack and Natura by car
Bonnie and Steve Sloane wrote: We thought we'd give you an update for the end of Day One. Natura arrived here via Anne, Ursula, and Jack around 7 p.m. She was met and joyfully greeted by Carnival (our 18-month old career change pup) and Friday (our 5-month old puppy-in-training). So our household is now full of active female Lab puppies!!!!! They are learning to get along and are playing together with our toys. Natura ate her dinner with enthusiasm and doesn't seem at all bothered by her long driving trip.

yellow Lab eating Enough of this driving... a Lab's gotta' EAT!

The "girls" are enjoying this slumber party and we'll have more to tell you tomorrow morning.

three Labs sleepingThis is one of the best New Year's activities we've ever participated in. We are so happy to be part of this and wish Zach and Natura a wonderful time together as Buddies!

Bonnie and Steve


Rise and Shine, Natura... more adventures await...


  1. "Team Zach & Natura" Rock!!!!!

    You guys are awesome.


  2. how about including the name of the state? We here in California may need a little more than a city name.

    Best wishes to all of you---wherever you may be!