Saturday, December 31, 2011

Riding That K9 Buddy Train! Part 4

two yellow and one black Lab in car Three Dog Night: Natura, Friday and Carnival

From Bonnie and Steve Sloane: Our drive [from Calabasas, CA, to Palm Springs, CA] was smooth and easy. After dropping Carnival off at our son's house, we hit the road for Palm Springs.

2 yellow Labs in the back seat On the Road Again...(Natura and Friday)

The drive was quick and easy as there was no traffic. Friday and Natura were perfect in the back of our car.

2 yellow Labs in car

Hey, move over!

They curled up and slept the entire way...not even a peep from either of them.

2 yellow Labs in car

That's not a "peep" -- it's a yawn...

We made one pit-stop along the way for relieving and a short walk and then arrived at our meeting place (McDonalds off of I-10 freeway) at 11:00.

Natura and Steve

Natura with Steve Sloane

Randy was there waiting and the pups had a great time meeting his career change dog, Ocho. Again, some water and walking around and at 11:30 Leg 5 began.

Randy with Natura

Natura with Randy Glover

Friday was quite perplexed--wondering why all her buddies were disappearing. But, we took her for a nice walk and lunch break in Palm Springs before we headed back to Calabasas where we picked up Carnival and returned home.We were amazed at how quickly the day passed. It was such a special day, and yet it's already over. We will remember this experience as a high point of our partnership with Guide Dogs for the Blind.

Sloanes with Natura
Steve and Bonnie Sloane with Natura

We wish Natura and Zach the best; we know they'll be great friends. And most of all, how wonderful it is for Natura to have found such a special "forever home!"

Natura with Randy

Co-pilot and pilot

From Randy Glover (at 2 a.m.): Puppies are asleep, I am really is a dog's life.

sleepy Natura

You're getting sleepy...very sleepy...

Natura is such a good girl. She and Ocho had the same papa...Tiberon...

Randy and Natura at NM welcome sign

Yay, New Mexico!

From Sandi Alsworth: Randy and I left Mesa this am at 7:00.We are currently in Tucson stopping to relieve Natura an will be on our way again shortly. Lone Star State here we come!

From Beth and Dave Adams (Natura's puppy raisers): Woohoo! Can’t wait - Puppy Train! We’re ready and waiting here in Texas! Be Safe! Zach and Natura’s Dream Team – making this happen! You’re all the BEST!

Check out the map to trace Natura's journey! San Rafael, CA --Mountain View -- San Luis Obispo -- Calabasas -- Palm Springs --Mesa, AZ -- Odessa, TX -- Dallas and Lewisville, TX.

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