Monday, December 19, 2011

You Think You're Cold...

Crew pulling sleds

Here's the latest update from the Polar Vision Team. They have recently passed their half-way mark in their trek to the South Pole to raise awareness and support for Guide Dogs for the Blind and SightSavers International.

From Richard…………

We are currently doing well, we had our best day for mileage yesterday, clocking in at 18 miles!, we have had mixed weather with high winds, chilling temperatures and white outs, but despite this we are making good mileage each day.

Passing the half way point is a real boost to the morale of the team, we are now 4 days from our final re-supply point and most excitingly another day of rest. This also means we are all looking forward to a change of underwear!! We all think our old ones could probably walk to the pole by themselves : )

It’s amazing with the speed that the weather changes in Antarctica, one minute its bright blue sky then next minute it’s a white out and vice versa.

We are currently at 6220ft and still climbing, it’s noticeable to all the team and we are starting to feel the difficulties of climbing all day, every day. We have all come down with a dry cough which is common in this altitude and is caused by the dryness of the air – this is aggravating but not hindering progress

Thank you for the continued support its a morale boost every day to hear your messages and questions.

Keep them coming

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