Friday, January 27, 2012

Amongst the Towering Redwoods

Chris and his black Lab sit on a bench as sunlight filters through the redwoods

Enjoying nature with your best friends is something to be thankful for! One of the cherished outings for GDB students in training is a trip to the magnificant redwoods at Muir Woods with their canine cohorts. Above, Chris Divers with black Lab Sirius. Below, Cecilia von Beroldingen with yellow Lab Krissa, Yonah with his black Lab guide and Jeff Harrington with yellow Lab Lucas.

Cecilia with yellow Lab, Yonah with black Lab and Jeff with yellow Lab on a bench


  1. i love you lucas!!!! your such a good boy

  2. Muir Woods is so beautiful, one of those places you can take a bad shot and it still looks good. (I hit the shutter button on my camera and snapped a snot of the moss on the ground and actually it was not that bad of a picture surprisingly.) I took my 8th puppy-in-training there last May, they staff were so welcoming and didn't have an issue of letting her come in.