Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Graduation of Epic Proportions!

yellow Lab pup
Once upon a time, there was a little yellow Lab puppy named Epic.

Epic's siblings, black and yellow Lab puppies in conversation with each otherHe enjoyed conversing with his sister, black Lab Estee.

April with yellow Lab Epic and raiser Darleene on graduation stage And then he grew up! He was Mr. February on GDB's wall calendar...

and before we knew it, he graduated as a Guide Dog.

Here he is on the graduation stage with his new lifelong partner, April Smith

and his puppy raiser, Darleene Decrescenzo.

three Labs with their people in GDB CA dorm lunchroom at graduationThey are joined here by Epic's mom Belle, a retired GDB breeder

(wearing the red collar) and his sister Estee, a new breeder.

Epic and Estee were members of Belle’s litter,

home-schooled by Ken and Nancy Schopp.

And that's the beauty of GDB graduations...

They bring together the whole family!

This one was especially moving, as it was the last graduation in
our dormitory on the San Rafael, California, campus.

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