Friday, January 13, 2012

Now, That's the Spirit!

Sharon and yellow Lab guide
by GDB Alumna Sharon Ruttan

At St. Alban's the Martre Anglican Church here in Hamilton, Ontario, Forester is much loved. He even has a blue scarf that matches our choir robes -- made by a member of our congregation.

He lays quietly on his own blanket during our choir practices, as well as, during our services. He is the only one allowed to sleep during our minister's homily. Although there are times that I have to wake him up as he starts to dream and run in his sleep which has caused, on more than one occasion, giggles from those in the choir who are aware of his muted yips....he takes me quietly both down the aisle and back as we process and recess before and after services.

He is a much loved member of our congregation and his birthday is even remembered in our bulletin!

Sharon and yellow Lab with choir

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  1. He really looks like he is a part of your choir family. Just wondering if he can sing too :)