Monday, March 19, 2012

Meet Chantal, Star of Our Mobile Site

iPhone with yellow Lab puppy

Sweet little Chantal on our mobile site home page is a yellow Labrador puppy. We asked her raisers Ani and Roy Green from Guide Dog Puppies of Seattle puppy raising club to tell us about her, and this is what they wrote:

Chantal is a very low key, easy going girl. She’s our second puppy (The first was super high energy.) We feel really blessed to be raising her.

She sleeps a lot, and she must be having great dreams, because sometimes she looks like she’s running. Once in awhile, she’ll let out a muffled bark.

When she’s awake, she enjoys resting her head on my knee. She loves to toss her bones around; we are constantly digging them out from under the couch. It took us awhile to realize she was doing it as a game … sneak!

We call her our ROCK STAR because:
· She has been easy from the start.
· She learns quickly and goes with the flow. We take her everywhere!
· She’s so pretty and well-behaved, she draws a lot of positive attention. She is also REALLY good with young children.

P.S. When the President called on the public to “give back,” we were on a mission to find something we could do. Then we met a puppy raiser, and rest, as they say, is history… We met with our town’s club leader and soon attended our first puppy meeting. The dogs are so well-behaved, and it was such fun meeting other puppy raisers, we were sold.

How about you? Are you interested in raising a puppy for GDB?


  1. Chantal is adorable! Keep up the good work.

  2. Chantal is beautiful! I am going to be raising a Guide Dog Puppy and I am very excited to be giving back to my county with something I love doing! Thank you all at Guide Dogs for the Blind for making this all work!