Monday, March 26, 2012

The Wearin' o' the Green

raisers carry a banner titled Pups with Vision, following behind them march more raisers and their puppies
Some might think our puppies are Irish -- they're always wearing green! We asked our raisers on our Facebook Page to send in photos if they got involved with any parades or activities, and here's what Jill Dayton, leader of NW Paws for a Purpose wrote:

"There was a possibility of snow flurries, but that didn’t stop six GDB puppy clubs from meeting to walk in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade through the Hollywood District in Portland, OR. Families gathered on the sidewalks to watch the event and between our cute puppies and the candy that we tossed, we were a great hit! Just as the parade concluded, the skies opened up to rain. Soon after, there was a major hail storm, but by then, our puppies were tucked away in cars and on their way home."

Woman and boy with yellow Lab puppy
Jill Dayton with her son Dillon and puppy Lupine

Heidi with yellow Lab in St Patricks Day garb O'Heidi Geller with her pup, O'Dinah

Linda Herinck, the leader of Pups With Vision wrote:
"We had the luck of the Irish with us for sure. Our club, Pups with Vision, has participated in this parade for the past 7 years and this was only the second year that we haven't been drenched by Oregon's liquid sunshine."

Raisers and pups with banner
Looks like fun, doesn't it?

Do you know anyone who might want to become a puppy raiser?

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