Monday, April 16, 2012

Will Guide Dog Atticus Win the Hero Dog Awards?

Jim and yellow Lab Atticus at ski resort
Atticus and I have been a team since Valentine’s Day 2003. During our seven years together, Atticus has not only been a hero to me, but many others as well.

Atticus has traveled the world with me and kept me safe from the ruins of Rome to the beaches of Cozumel. Atticus does all the usual, but performs best in a crowded situation.

Being a Disabled American Veteran I have had the opportunity, with Atticus by my side, to show everyone what a blind veteran is capable of. Atticus has attended numerous veteran associated conventions and participated in many ceremonies. He shines his brightest when performing as part of a Color Guard or leading me in Memorial Services for fallen veterans. Atticus holds honorary memberships in the DAV, VFW, VVA and Elks Lodge.

Atticus has always protected me and kept me safe. In Sacramento, he kept me from walking off an unprotected five-foot embankment, by holding fast to his training in intelligent disobedience. I kept telling him forward; he wouldn’t go. I thought I was fine, Atticus knew better. Numerous times Atticus has pulled me from harm’s way.

Atticus is a proud volunteer with me at the Sepulveda VA and has played the role of therapy dog for our veterans in the Nursing home. When we are out and about, Atticus puts a smile on people’s faces. Atticus is not just a Guide Dog, he is a Hero and an Ambassador for service dogs everywhere. -- Veteran James Hogan in Canyon Country, California

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  1. Atticus supporting a disabled veteran (both heros) should be at the top of the list of dogs competing for a dog hero award!