Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Firefighters Welcome GDB Pups

By Puppy Raiser Marsha Miller

Puppy raisers and their pups posing in front of a fire truck

Recently in Oregon, the Eugene and Corvallis puppy raiser clubs met at the Eugene Fire Department’s Sheldon Station #6 to introduce the puppies to fire trucks and firefighters. Captain Chris Paskett and his firefighters took the group on a tour of the station during the dinner hour and all puppies showed their very best house manners.

The group then had the opportunity to check out to the garage bay and the large fire engine. The Captain started up the truck, drove out with lights flashing while the pups stood nearby, completely unfazed by the commotion.
GDB puppies check out a firefighter

One of the firefighters put on his turnouts, oxygen/mask, and a locator alarm that emits a high pitched tone if the firefighter is down. All of the puppies were extremely curious but not frightened by the look or the sounds. He then lay on the ground in his gear and let all of the puppies check him out - and they did - sniffing head to toe!

The firefighters were so kind and willing to give the puppies an experience that would benefit them. It was a great experience for all of us.


  1. We here at AV Guide Dogs have done the same thing. Every year we attend the Fire Service Day to expose the puppies to various things they may encounter while working guides. It is a great experience and all those involved are extremely helpful.

  2. Obviously, you all are doing things right. My guide and I just moved to Washington DC. We're confronted by screaming sirens several times a day, and I react more than he does. Keep up the good work. :)