Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Breeder's Digest for March 2012

A yellow Lab puppy

Litter Announcements

Labrador Retrievers
Labrador Retriever-Golden Retriever Crosses

New Breeders

Labrador Retrievers    
  • Shawn – raised in CA
Lab/Golden Cross
  • Ardella – raised in CA


  1. I like the image of the pup pictured above from the Tito x Pomona Litter, a cute, fat little thing! Nice coloring!

  2. There's my Shawn man!

  3. Thanks for posting these awesome pictures. I have one of the pups from David and Nigella's litter. She'll be 12 weeks tomorrow and she is doing great! Thanks again for giving us the chance to see them when they are so young!