Monday, June 11, 2012

Will Guide Dog K9 Buddy Natura Win the Hero Dog Awards?

boy with cane and yellow Lab on leash walk down steps

It's been a year since Zach Thibodeaux, a 9-year-old third-grader, was diagnosed with cone-rod dystrophy, an incurable disease rapidly taking his vision. Natura, a K9 Buddy dog from Guide Dogs for the Blind, based in San Rafael, California, became a part of Zach’s life on New Year's Day.

A K9 Buddy provides children who are visually impaired with canine companions.It teaches them the responsibility of having a dog, so when it’s time to receive a guide dog they know how to care for and live with a dog.

Zach is learning to be in charge of Natura’s behavior and well-being. He attends classes with the local Texas puppy raising club to keep up Natura's commands, and learn skills that will benefit him in the future with an actual working guide dog.

Natura was on her way toward becoming a Guide Dog, but couldn't handle public transportation, so she was then placed in the K9 Buddy program. Due to the transportation issue, we were afraid that the the flights she’d have to take from Northern California to Dallas would be terrifying for her, so volunteers drove her all the way from San Francisco to Dallas in time for a surprise presentation to Zach on New Year's Day. Zach and Natura have bonded beautifully and have become a wonderful part of the Lone Star Puppy Raising Club.

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boy with cane walking yellow Lab

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