Monday, July 16, 2012

Will Guide Dog Venus Win the Hero Dog Awards?

black Lab in harness with paws crossed

Venus, my six year old Guide Dog from Guide Dogs for the Blind, not only helps me with mobility, she also helps the people I work with who are blind or visually impaired. I teach others, who have vision loss, use technology to improve their lives, find employment and remain independent. Many of these people are depressed and have lost hope because of their disabilities. When they see Venus and how much she helps me, they often find encouragement and hope that they can return to a "normal" life.

She spreads joy wherever she goes. People tell me that she has never lost her “puppy face”.

She also has an amazing memory. When we visit a client for the second time, she remembers them. I can feel her tail wag when we go to the door.

Venus is a great companion. When my mother passed away, we traveled to Florida to make arrangements and have services. While I was cleaning out the house, Venus attached herself to an afghan my mother made the moment we entered the house. While boxing up items on the last day, Venus made sure that afghan went with us. She put it right in front of the door! Today the afghan goes with us on all trips.

I waited 15 years to get a guide dog. I have no idea why I waited so long. Venus is the best things I have ever done for my vision loss and she is truly my hero! -- Betsy Gruba of Heartland, Wisconsin

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