Sunday, October 28, 2012

We've Got Mail: New Career, New Friends!

The following is an update from career change adopters Tammie and Scott. It is an expression of gratitude to all puppy raisers. We love it when career change dogs like Shep have such a wonderful impact on their adopters and their community! 

Dear Guide Dogs for the Blind -

I thought you would enjoy hearing how one career change dog, Shep, has brought raisers and his new family together and is making a difference in his new career.

We have been very lucky to create a friendship with Shep's raisers. They are amazing people we would never know if it wasn't for Shep. We have meet on a few occasions- one being his 2nd birthday, even though we live almost two hours apart. We understand that they made the difficult choice to allow him to go so he could have another career, and we feel the smallest gift we can give them is to share Shep with them as we are able. He has a Facebook page to keep his friends, family and puppy club updated on his adventures. Recently Shep even spent a week's vacation with them. It meant a lot to his main raiser, Sierra, who is 15, to spend time with him.

Shep gets a kiss on the top of his head. As much as it was hard to see him leave again, they are always excited for Shep and the opportunities he has. They are thrilled that he gets to work 40 hours a week making seniors happy. Shep is now certified as a pet therapy dog, through pet partners (formally Delta Society), with both Scott and I. He breezed through his test.

Shep's job is going very well. Residents, families, visitors all love seeing him and he is wonderful with them all. The residents have taught him to shake hands, and give light kisses on cheek or hand.

His raiser family shares Shep's career change success with their puppy club, encouraging other raisers to allow career changes a chance at another job. They share with others how much faith they have in GDB's placement department to find the right home/job for the dogs.

We are thankful for the opportunity to adopt Shep and all the friends and joy he has brought into our lives.


Tammie, Scott and Shep

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