Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Gift

By: Marissa Pounds

Sierra and Marissa Pounds and Jessica Harpel along with GDB puppy "Vino"

The pure and true love that those puppies give when they are put into your arms. The wag of their tails, or the wiggle of their bodies, even the licks of their tongues on your face. And the pure love that pours out of both of you when you press a kiss onto their head when you say goodbye.

The perseverance that keeps you moving through times of wanting to give up, or that are amazingly hard and never seem to work right. To push through the tears and walk away from your best friend and companion of the past year.

A trust that is clearly visible in those soft brown eyes that search for your own when unsure or scared. The trust you see the dog with the same soft brown eyes have in their blind partner and likewise. A trust that makes unforgettable memories.

The loss of a friend who didn't ask, and was content with no answers. Who was happy with a hug in the morning, and passed no judgement. A friend who was meant for greater things, who was born to lead, and who wagged their tail as tears streamed down your face in sadness of the goodbye that would happen in just a moment.

Then came the joy. Months later, realizing that the friend you had given up, had been given to someone else as a gift that brought light to them while still in the dark. The prince who the girl had been searching for through the darkness, years before he came. A gift she could only describe as her "Happily Ever After."

This gift you helped create shines like a radiating star, the pure love between your companion and their partner. A bond full of trust and soon to come unforgettable memories. A perseverance that will never give up, and always keep going. And, through the loss and the joy, this true love will never stop, and never end in the partnership that is a person who is blind and their guide dog.


  1. I just read this beautiful essay, and noticed that there were no other comments yet. Thank you for sharing your experience. Puppy raising is something that I'm interested in doing in the future, yet do not know if I can take it emotionally. I will pray about it. God bless you for your very unselfish, caring spirit!

  2. We're hoping our Girl Scout troop can be involved in the puppy raising process somehow. My daughter is one of the scouts and she is blind. We'll be calling soon. :-)

  3. Another wonderful way to "pay it forward"!

  4. My recently departed sister had recieved five of these wonderful animals over the course of her life. In her life story, she said (when she got the dog) she went from being invisible to visible over night. She made many friends, and became known in her town. The difference these dogs make is incalcuable. They do so much more than assist in navagation. One of the puppy raisers kept a scrape book their time with the pup. Pictures and comments from puppyhood. That meant alot to her and us. Peace be with you and yours. Judys' Brother, Luke

  5. My husband and I have been honored to be puppy raisers for 30 years, and this piece says it perfectly. A piece of us goes forward with each pup as it leaves on its journey to become a guide dog, and a piece of each one of them stays forever with us. We are glad to have a small part in making someone's life easier....