Thursday, September 19, 2013

Alumni Connections: Introducing Our GDB Alumni Board

By: Becky Andrews, Alumni Association Chair

Greetings from the 2013-2014 Alumni Association Board! Sixteen years ago, on September 17th, I took that initial walk with my first guide, Pantera. I was so thrilled! Now, with my second guide, Cricket, I am grateful for this opportunity to serve as the Alumni Association Chair. Under the direction of Theresa Stern, Alumni Association Director, our term began in July with meetings in San Rafael with members from the GDB Board of Directors. We had the opportunity to meet with Bob Burke, Interim CEO, Brad Hibbard, Director of Training Operations and Andy Mathiesen and Stuart Odell from the GDB Board of Directors. George Kerscher, Chair from the GDB Board and our liaison was also in attendance.

We also enjoyed the chance to see our beautiful new Student Residence and welcome our three newest Alumni Association board members: Leanne Bremner, Maile George and Gary Norman.  Also serving on our board: Terry Christensen, Vice Chair; Michelle Miller, Secretary; Melissa Hudson, Outreach Coordinator & Nominating Chair – Chapter Coordinator; Samantha Adams, Communications Chair; and Melanie Brunson, Advocacy Chair. Thank you to this great Alumni Association Board! You can find our bios and contact information here:  

We would love to hear from you! 

GDB Alumni Association Board stands on campus with Director of Training Brad Hibbard.

Under the direction of Theresa Stern, Alumni Association Director, and our Special Events Chair, Melissa Hudson; we have been working hard planning our upcoming Alumni Reunion: Harnessing Health and Happiness October 4-6, 2013 in San Rafael, California. We hope you can join us!
Last Thursday we had our first Speaker Series of this year - a Townhall Meeting where we loved getting the chance to connect with many of our alumni!  Mark your calendars: our next Speakers Series call in meeting will be Thursday, November 14th. Details to follow. 
Again, we would love to hear from you. My email is: For fun, leave a comment on this post - maybe share a word that describes your partnership with your guide.

Until next time, wishing you and your guide health and happiness!   

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  1. GDB gave me my life back by pairing me with my 2 amazing guides thus far, thank you!